Cinnamon pinacolada smoothie.

I see what I like and I immediately borrow that idea to make it my own. Yesterday, was feeling quite pumped up, and perused through Kaluhi’s Kitchen she is a foodie and a food blogger like myself and I stumbled upon a smoothie she made recently. Pinacolada’s are one of my favorite drinks to have especially when I get all cranky and moody, this works for me. Checked out the ingredients and a part from the pineapple, everything else I had, so I just had to make this the “Drink for the Day”.

pinacolada smoothie

Making “Cinnamon pinacolada Smoothie“.

prep time – 5 mins   Blend time – 2 mins  Total time – 7 mins

Yields/Serves = 2 Pax

*Main Ingredients*


– 1 sliced banana

-1/2 a ripe pineapple -diced

-a handful of low fat shredded coconut

-250 g of vanilla yogurt

-2 tsp of honey

-1 tsp of cinnamon

-a blender.

*Lets’ get blending*.

1Building the Base: You’re going to need an ingredient that will make your smoothie creamy. Frozen bananas are my go-to, but avocado, nut butters, and Greek yogurt are great as well. You can buy fresh fruit and freeze it yourself.

I used fresh bananas and the yogurt to thicken the whole smoothie, as well as adding flavor. Immediately – Added in the diced pineapples.


2. Let’s Talk Liquid: Smoothie bowls are supposed to be thicker than your average smoothie. The liquid component is primarily there to aid in the blending process {milk or juice}, so if you’re hoping to transform your favorite smoothie into a bowl, I would suggest decreasing the amount of liquid. Remember, you’re eating these with a spoon, and you don’t want your toppings to sink to the bottom.


Add in the cinnamon, coconut and honey. Then blend.


3. Toying with Toppings: Speaking of toppings, feel free to experiment. There are no rules! These recipes are here to get you started, but tweak and adapt them however you like. That being said, don’t go overboard—calories and fat can add up quickly.

I decided that this smoothie in wine glasses /Mason jar, doesn’t necessarily need any toppings. The smoothie was thick enough, creamy due to the coconut and yogurt, and quite rich in fibre.

Final outcome:


Love and Love


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