About TD.

Welcome to Tastie Dine.

My Name is Ms. Cheptoo Cece.

ME 1

Behind the apron is a 27 year old, Professional hotel marketer, entrepreneur -running an online clothing store Le belle Trends, a mini -tuck shop opp IMAX cinemas, wine lover/cook, die hard fan to Capital Fm’s -The Fuse, future hacker and Iron Man  {Chuckles}.

My main aim of starting this blog was to appreciate easy yet tasty, flavor bursting, hot, sweet or savory home cooked meals and making it my own. With my skills of cooking, I am putting it out there, that boiling water or an egg is definitely not cooking, since no effort is seen. This platform is just a guide and definitely not “Rocket science”, anyone can prepare these dishes.

Thanks to my young sister {ChepiTheOne}, she put two and two together and drilled sense into me to create this food blog thanks to my passion  for food and just concentrate on it. Feel free to share your thoughts and dishes.

Mmmmh!!  …Should we have a food party??

Stay tuned for more. 🙂

In order to get to know me on a personal level, here is my other blog: Even Angle*


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