Top three favorite Strawberry dishes.

What a fruitful past weekend with POTUS aka World’s most powerful black president of all time Mr. Barack Obama being in +254 and I enjoying everything nice with Strawberries, what more could anyone want other than that? If you follow me on my social media platform, you will be jazzed how much my cravings for strawberries has been off the hook over the weekend. I … Continue reading Top three favorite Strawberry dishes.

Banana Halwa -Dessert.

This being a special dessert, presenting it to all my somali  peeps during their Eid ul fitr” as they are set to break their fast. I understand this dessert never misses on their table once they come from their fasting period. “Somebody correct me if am wrong.” It is a delicious dessert that goes well with traditional unsweetened Somali coffee. Never tried out the somali coffee … Continue reading Banana Halwa -Dessert.

Marsh-mellow oats + ice cream

I am normally indoors every weekend, and since I work Monday to Saturday, trust me working in a hotel industry is not an easy career. Having some “you time” is so limited and sometimes exhausting cause of the constant phone-calls for different bookings and hotel reservations whether you are at work or on vacation. Clients don’t care what time they are calling you. Phone call/s … Continue reading Marsh-mellow oats + ice cream