Simple sausage gravy.

Sausage gravy is traditionally served as part of the dish biscuits and gravy and accompanied by other typical Southern breakfast items, such as fried eggs, sliced tomatoes and bacon. Sausage gravy is a traditional Southern breakfast dish in the United States. After loose pork sausage is cooked in a pan and removed, a roux is formed by browning flour in the residual fat. Milk and seasonings, such … Continue reading Simple sausage gravy.

Spicy Egg Curry – Punjabi Style*

Quickest egg dish everrrr!!! Since thats how quickies are meant to be.  Okay …..”Awkward”. Anyway, if you are a spicy junkie, this dish is just right for you and you are on the right place. What I love about curries is, just changing the spice profile a bit according to regional preferences the curry acquires a different taste altogether. When I mentioned about “flavor bursting”, this … Continue reading Spicy Egg Curry – Punjabi Style*

Arancini -“Cheesy Rice balls”

Arancini -pronounced as “Ara-nchi-ni”, is an Italian dish that consists of stuffed rice balls coated with bread crumbs and deep fried. The name derived from its shape and color since it s similar to an orange.  The best part about it, you can use any stuffing from minced meat, cheese- Mozzarella or peas, like I have mentioned, you can use what you have in your … Continue reading Arancini -“Cheesy Rice balls”